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A Message from BSIT Software Services CEO


Dear Clients, Partners, and Associates

I’m honored to lead BSIT Software Services as the Chief Executive Officer and happy to work with a team of passionate and devoted professionals that help evolve our brand and fulfill our business mission to the utmost.

Since our inception in 2015, BSIT Software Services has emphasized on global consistency in performance delivery. We have handled familiar challenges that most other organizations face. And, we have emerged successfully by finding solutions to the problem, adopting innovative technology, and embracing digital transformations. I am excited about our outlook in future. We have transitioned from a modest small start up to a respectable firm garnering business from multiple clients. Our integrity, orientation skills, experience, and commitment to quality has enabled us to THINK BIG and serve our clients with distinction.

Running a technology company is not just about creating business; it’s about building a socially-committed team for creating useful solutions to enhance the wellness of humanity.

BSIT Software Services Private. Limited.strives at investing and strengthening technology through which we have become leaders and innovators providing solutions that connect businesses to their assets to deliver increased visibility and operational efficiency.

Business excellence is the heart and innovation is the cornerstone of our company. With these in focus, our corporate philosophy of doing things effectively and efficiently has helped massively transform our organizational culture and has driven internal improvement. The philosophy, though simple, makes a strong impact in the way we serve our customers/clients. We want to serve our customers earlier, smarter, faster, and better.

All our companies embrace the concept of business agility; the ability to automatically sense, react, and adapt swiftly to shifting market dynamics. Focusing on agility, as an organization enables us to drive rapid and continuous improvement in customer experience to remain relevant in a marketplace characterized not only by fierce competition but also by environmental and social challenges.

Our corporate culture is defined by a simple set of corporate values that define how we operate every single day – Value-Creation, Cooperation, Innovation, Perseverance, Diversity, and Integrity. They reflect how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. We hold each other accountable for creating a company we can all be proud to work at.

We believe that we are well poised to achieve our vision with our financially stable platform and dynamic and experienced team. We aim to continue providing convenient, smart, and technology-driven solutions and products for the upcoming generations as “We Make IT Possible”.

It is a privilege to be a part of a team that works together to maintain global standards and improve project delivery methods.

Garigela Bhanu Chandar - Founder & CEO

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