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Employees Speak

At BSIT Software Services, the employees are always motivated to go beyond their usual tasks and work, to embrace newer skills, develop their repository of talents and out-perform themselves in multiple arenas.

Below are some of BSIT employees speaking on how working with the company has done them good.


Operations Manager

Since, I have been serving as the Operational Manager at BSIT Software Services Company. It has been a fulfilling journey where I have embraced the challenge of ensuring smooth operations within the organization. I have also fostered a collaborative and innovative work environment among our team members. Here's my experience and contributions during my tenure.
1. Driving Efficiency and Innovation, 2. Empowering a Talented Team, 3. Strategic Vision and Market Expansion, 4. Exceeding Client Expectations, 5. Optimized Resource Management


Web Developer

I started my software development career as an intern at BSIT At the start, everything was new to me. There were many things that I did not know in my past days but here I got a chance to learn them. Within a few months, I started working on client's project's, that was the best thing I could ever ask for as a fresher. I got to learn product life cycles in the production environment very closely. The thing I love in BSIT is everyone here is very approachable.


K Triveni
Application Developer

I feel gratefull to be a part of BSIT SOFTWARE SERVICES. I saw a very good annd postive environment during work,i enjoyed my work space and the collaborative environment where everyone can share there ideas and communicate openly and work with the positive mind and providing the good oppurtinities to everyone.so,i strongly believe that BSIT is the very good platform to start there career and improve skills and work. #BeAtBsit Thank You


Rajkumar Kukatla
Application Developer

“I started my software development career as an intern at BSIT Software Services. Working with BSIT has been a wonderful experience. I had been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities early on, helping me accelerate my growth. BSIT values ‘Hard work’ & ‘Quality’ that makes me more responsible at work & offers a great place with friendly environment & supportive clients to grow and develop my knowledge and skills. I am glad to work in such a challenging and positive work environment where the focus is to solve problems through team cooperation and moving towards a common vision. I’ve been fortunate to be part of this wonderful environment that makes me who I am today.”


Dinesh kumar
Application developer

I feel very happy to be a part of BSIT Software Services why because everyday iam learning new things as well as good environment during work ,everyone share there ideas and work with a positive mind. I strongly believe that bsit is the very good platform to start there carrer and improve skills.


Application Developer

I have a wonderful experience to be part with BSIT software services. I have enjoyed during my training period as intern and learned technologies with daily tasks to get practice. Mainly the training in BSIT is very good, now I can develop the website. So I strongly believe BSIT is the very good platform to learn and improve the skills and start the career with complete knowledge.


Jagath Eripilli
Software Developer

As a newcomer in the field of IT, BSIT Software Services provided me with the perfect launching pad. Working at BSIT Software Services as a Software Devoloper is a rewarding experience. it is a good place to work as a fresher and learn different technologies.The encouraging environment has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a talented and dedicated team.and i am gain so much knowledge from BHANU SIR.(thanking Bhanu sir and team BSIT).


Blessy John
Web Developer

Starting my career as an Web Developer at BSIT Software Services was the best decision I ever made. The company is good for career growth, culture is inclusive and the work is challenging but fulfilling. The team at BSIT Software Services is phenomenal. They are patient, understanding, and have helped me grow in my role significantly. It's rare to find a place so welcoming to freshers.


Pavan Kumar Reddy
Application Developer

BSIT Software Services provides excellent opportunities for skill development. Regular training sessions are part of the employment experience, which helps in keeping up with the latest technological trends. The management at BSIT Software Services is approachable and open to feedback. They communicate expectations and changes effectively, fostering a transparent work environment. Nonetheless, there can be room for improvement in decision-making processes, particularly regarding employee promotions and benefits.


Raghu Rami Reddy
Web Developer

Despite being new to the organization, they've demonstrated an innate ability to grasp complex concepts quickly, while also bringing new perspectives to the table. Their proactive nature and dedication towards their work have not gone unnoticed. These qualities have already started to make a significant impact on our project deliverables.


Sai Prasad Jagu
Application Developer

BSIT Software Services has been an extraordinary place to work and I was started my career as an Application Developer .The company has cultivated a culture of learning and improvement, making it an ideal spot for professionals who are eager to grow and develop their skills. The organization respects the concept of work-life balance. They understand the significance of personal time, making it easier to balance professional commitments with personal life. However, during peak project times, the workload can get quite intense. I have learnt many things from BSIT and out CEO BHANU sir is very inspiring personality


Shivasai Dusa
Application Developer

Having recently joined BSIT Software Services as an Application Developer, I am incredibly pleased with the experience so far. The welcoming and inclusive work culture here has made my onboarding process smooth and comfortable. Not only is the team highly skilled and professional, but they are also very supportive, always ready to lend a helping hand. I am confident that my career path at BSIT is going to be a dynamic journey filled with learning opportunities.


Sisindri Reddy
Web Developer

My time as an intern at BSIT Software Services was truly unforgettable. I had an amazing experience working with this company and felt welcomed from day one. The team was incredibly friendly and supportive, making it easy for me to adapt to the work environment .The work culture at BSIT Software Services is fantastic. It's a collaborative and inclusive environment where everyone's contributions are valued. Moreover, BSIT is a socially responsible company, and it was inspiring to see their dedication to giving back to the community and supporting sustainable initiatives. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to intern at BSIT Software Services.


Shaik Nazeer Basha
Application Developer

I started my career as an Application Developer at BSIT Software Services, and it has been an incredible experience. The seniors here are exceptional, explaining everything with clarity, being extraordinarily friendly, and supporting my growth every step of the way. Each day, I have the opportunity to learn new tasks, making it the perfect platform for my personal and professional development. I am truly glad to be a part of the BSIT team, and I believe this company will play a significant role in shaping my successful future. Working at BSIT has been a delight, and I look forward to contributing my best to its continued success.


Kollur Bhagyasri
Software Developer

I started my software development career as an traniee at BSIT Software Service. I have been very impressed with the company's training program and the opportunities that I have been given to learn and grow.The company culture at BSIT is very supportive and collaborative. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work at BSIT Software Services. I have learned a lot, and I have been able to grow as a developer. I am confident that I will be able to use the skills and knowledge that I have gained at BSIT to have a successful career in software development.


Chinta Kiran Kumar
Web Developer

I feel grateful to be a part of this journey with BSIT Software Services. The collaborative environment in BSIT foster employees where they can share ideas, communicate openly and work as team while providing great learning opportunities which helps to grow skills. The work culture is positive and punctual.


Tharun Samuel
Software Developer

I am writing to share my experience as an employee at BSIT Software Services. Working here has been a truly positive and fulfilling journey. I joined the company a month ago and have been impressed with the work culture, opportunities for growth, and the supportive team.


Tanishq Malyala
Web Developer

It's a great honor to me be a part of BSIT family where the friendly environment and team support, as a fresher this a good place where we can learn more technical and functional related works and had great support by Bhanu sir and Shraddha mam and our superiors.This is the best place to start our career as Devoloper.


Vamsi Vardhan Raju
Software Developer

My experience at BSIT's Software Company has been outstanding. The company promotes innovation, supports professional growth, and values work-life balance. Colleagues create a motivating environment, making it a great place to work. I'm proud to be a part of this team.

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