DotNetNuke (DNN) Development Services

We have expertise in completely customizing DotNetNuke skins to make the website look and feel apt as per our Client’s business model and give the business a unique identity. Our DNN website solution serves as a high performing and easily maintainable website helping businesses to grab more business by increasing their ROI

We monitor websites 24/7 to ensure that the website remains online and fully operational at all times. Regular backups of the client’s website files and database to ensure smooth running. In case of the technical fault, our DNN experts will fix it asap. DNN version upgrading and the ability to upgrade DNN features to the latest standards are also part of our support and maintenance.

Our dedicated DotNetNuke developers are capable of leveraging the DotNetNuke platform for the development of quality-driven deliverables. We have rich experience in efficiently executing DNN application development.


Comprehensive DotNetNuke

Development Company

BSIT sintegrated innovation to reshape your web applications with DotNetNuke development services, a web content management framework dependent on Microsoft .NET. Our team of skilled DNN designers has practical experience in all perspectives going from custom module development, quick migration from existing stage to DNN module development.

Whether it is corporate or business website, we integrate latest trends and innovations in your web applications. From extensive startups to organizations with complex application expectations, we ensure to integrate latest features with top notch configuration to for developing business-basic applications.

DotNetNuke Development Services

DotNetNuke (DNN), now known as DNN Platform, is an open-source web content management system (CMS) and web application framework powered by the .NET Framework. Originally developed by Shaun Walker in 2002, DotNetNuke has evolved into a robust platform for building and managing dynamic websites, intranets, extranets, and web applications.

One of the key features of DotNetNuke is its modular architecture, which allows users to easily extend and customise the platform according to their specific needs. The platform is built on the ASP.NET framework and uses a Microsoft SQL Server database to store content and configuration information. This architecture provides a scalable and flexible foundation for creating a wide range of web applications. DotNetNuke's primary strength lies in its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both developers and non-technical users. The platform employs a drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to easily manage and organise content on their websites without requiring extensive technical expertise. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and organisations that want to maintain a dynamic online presence without the need for constant developer intervention.


Customer-Driven DotNetNuke Development Services

We are professional DotNetNuke Development Company that offers innovative services and solutions. So, if you are planning to hire professional DotNetNuke developers for the DotNetNuke (DNN) development services, we are the right choice for your business.

DNN Custom Web App Development

Understanding the requirements to reshape the usability of the product or customizing if required. We ensure delivery of flexible and robust DNN software integrated with latest features to keep your business ahead of your competitors.

DNN Modules Development

We offer our clients best in class modules that are solid, powerful and productive by outlining features from the scratch to adjust the product modules as well as creating modules with specific requirements of the business.

Google Analytics Compatible

Change or alter the data and Meta tags according to latest trends of search analytics. We aim to create a module or DNN skin to improve the rank and quality of your business web pages on Search Engines

DNN Portal Development

Flexible and simple customization options that are easily understandable even to a non-technical website holder to deal with the website effectively and easily from backend with various client roles.

DNN Migration And Update

Planning to migrate or upgrade your existing solution to latest DNN version? We offer framework designing, integration, development, project, QA, and updating the solution to latest version.

DNN Maintenance And Support

We have a team of professional designers and developers that have immense knowledge in installation, establishment, designing, and configuration of .NetNuke website as well as applications. Our dedicated team offers round the clock help and support to your queries.

Why Choose BSIT for DotNetNuke Development?


DotNetNuke developers At BSIT have extensive knowledge of Microsoft .NET technologies and extraordinary programming skills to provide end-to-end business-oriented DotNetNuke development services to customers from every corner of the globe.

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How To Use DotnetNuke

Using DotNetNuke (DNN) involves several steps, ranging from installation to content management and customization. Here's a guide on how to use DotNetNuke


System Requirements: Before installing DotNetNuke, ensure that your server meets the system requirements. This typically involves having a server with Internet Information Services (IIS), the .NET Framework, and a SQL Server database. Download and Extract.


Database Setup: Create a new database in your SQL Server for DotNetNuke. During the installation process, you'll need to provide database connection details.

Installation Wizard

Access the DotNetNuke website in your browser. The installation wizard will guide you through the process. Provide necessary information, including database connection details, site name, admin credentials, and other settings.


After installation, access the DotNetNuke administrator interface by navigating to the admin page (usually Log in using the administrator credentials you specified during the installation.

Content Management

Page Management: DotNetNuke organises content into pages. Use the Page Management section to create, edit, and organise pages. You can specify page settings.

Content Editing

Text/HTML Modules: Add content to your pages using Text/HTML modules. These modules allow you to enter and format text, images, and other media. The editor is similar to common word processors, making it easy for non-technical users to manage content.


Why DotnetNuke Is Used

DotNetNuke (DNN), now known as DNN Platform, is used for a variety of reasons that cater to the diverse needs of web developers, businesses, and organisations.

User-Friendly Content Management

DotNetNuke is known for its intuitive and user-friendly content management system (CMS). It empowers users with varying technical backgrounds to easily manage and update website content without extensive training.The platform employs a drag-and-drop interface.

Scalability and Flexibility

The modular architecture of DotNetNuke makes it highly scalable and adaptable to a wide range of projects. Organisations with evolving needs can extend the platform's functionality by adding custom modules and extensions. This flexibility allows businesses to grow their online presence and adapt their websites to changing requirements.

Extensibility and Customization

DotNetNuke's extensible nature is a significant draw for developers. The platform supports the creation of custom modules, themes, and extensions. This extensibility enables developers to tailor websites and applications to meet specific business requirements. Additionally, the DNN community actively contributes a wealth of third-party modules.

.NET Framework Integration

DotNetNuke is built on the .NET framework, making it a natural choice for organisations invested in Microsoft technologies. This integration ensures seamless compatibility with other Microsoft products and services. Businesses already utilizing .NET for their applications find DotNetNuke to be a coherent choice for maintaining a consistent technology stack.

Role-Based Security

The platform offers robust role-based security features, allowing administrators to control user access to different sections of the website. This is particularly crucial for organisations with multiple users and varying levels of content management responsibilities. .

Community Support

DotNetNuke has a vibrant and active community of developers and users. The community contributes to the platform by developing modules, providing support in forums, and sharing knowledge and best practices. This collaborative environment enhances the overall strength and reliability of DotNetNuke.

Commercial Editions for Business Support

DotNetNuke offers commercial editions that provide additional features and professional support. Businesses with more demanding requirements, such as advanced security needs or mission-critical applications, may opt for these commercial editions. This ensures a stable and well-supported environment for their web applications.

Versatility Across Industries

DotNetNuke has found applications across various industries, including business, education, government, and non-profit organizations. Its adaptability and versatility make it a suitable choice for diverse projects, ranging from small websites to complex enterprise-level applications.

Unknown Facts About DotnetNuke.

Origins and Founding

DotNetNuke, initially released in December 2002, was the brainchild of Shaun Walker. What started as an open-source project named IBuySpy Workshop evolved into DotNetNuke. Walker's goal was to create a user-friendly web application framework for the .NET platform, and this vision laid the foundation for DotNetNuke's development.

Name Evolution

DotNetNuke went through a name evolution. Originally referred to as IBuySpy Workshop, it later became DotNetNuke when it was released as an open-source project. Over time, the official name was shortened to DNN, aligning with its growing recognition and community-driven development.

Community-Driven Development

DotNetNuke is known for its strong community support. The platform has benefited from a dedicated community of developers, designers, and users who contribute modules, themes, and extensions. This collaborative effort has played a crucial role in the platform's evolution and widespread adoption.

Commercial Ventures

While DotNetNuke is open-source, there are commercial ventures associated with the platform. DotNetNuke Corporation, later rebranded as DNN Corp, provided commercial editions and services. Evoq, a suite of applications built on DotNetNuke, was a commercial offering that included features like content management, social collaboration, and online communities.

Module Development Framework

DotNetNuke's modular architecture is a standout feature. Developers can create custom modules using the Module Development Framework (MDF). This framework streamlines the process of building and integrating new functionalities into DotNetNuke sites, allowing for extensive customization.

Security Focus

DotNetNuke has a robust security model. With features such as role-based security, SSL support, and regular security updates, the platform prioritises the protection of websites and applications. This focus on security has contributed to its adoption in various industries, including those with stringent security requirements.

International Reach

DotNetNuke has a global presence. While its roots are in the United States, the platform has been adopted and utilised in various countries around the world. This international reach is a testament to its versatility and applicability across diverse cultural and linguistic contexts.

Integration with Microsoft Stack

As a product built on the Microsoft .NET framework, DotNetNuke seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft technologies. This includes compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server for database management and integration with Microsoft Azure for cloud-based hosting, aligning it with broader trends in the Microsoft technology ecosystem.

Evolution to DNN Platform

The platform's name evolved from DotNetNuke to DNN, emphasising a shift in focus. The rebranding to DNN Platform reflects its identity as a broader web application framework, extending beyond the traditional confines of a content management system.

Mobile Responsiveness

DotNetNuke has embraced mobile responsiveness. Recognizing the importance of mobile-friendly websites, the platform has incorporated responsive design principles. This ensures that websites built on DotNetNuke provide a seamless and optimised experience across various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

FAQ's About DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke, now known as DNN Platform, is an open-source web content management system and web application framework for the Microsoft .NET framework. Originally developed by Shaun Walker, DNN provides a modular and extensible platform for building and managing dynamic websites, intranets, and web applications. Its user-friendly interface and flexibility make it accessible to both developers and non-technical users.
DotNetNuke distinguishes itself through its focus on the .NET framework. It is designed for businesses and developers already invested in Microsoft technologies. The platform's modular architecture, user-friendly interface, and extensibility set it apart, allowing for easy customization and scalability. While other CMS platforms may cater to a broader audience, DotNetNuke specifically targets the .NET ecosystem.
Yes, DotNetNuke is suitable for e-commerce. The platform supports various e-commerce modules and extensions, allowing businesses to integrate shopping carts, product catalogues, and secure payment gateways. Additionally, developers can create custom e-commerce solutions using the modular architecture of DotNetNuke. The platform's role-based security features and extensibility make it adaptable to the specific requirements of e-commerce websites.
DotNetNuke prioritises security with features such as role-based security, SSL support, and regular security updates. The role-based security model enables administrators to define roles and permissions, controlling access to different parts of the website. Regular updates and a vigilant community contribute to identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities promptly, making DotNetNuke a secure choice for web development.
Yes, DotNetNuke supports integration with third-party systems. The platform's modular architecture allows developers to create custom modules or integrate existing third-party modules and extensions. This facilitates integration with various systems, such as CRM software, marketing tools, and other business applications. DotNetNuke's flexibility makes it a versatile choice for organisations seeking seamless integration with their existing technology stack.
The DotNetNuke community is vibrant and supportive. Users, developers, and administrators actively participate in forums, discussions, and collaborative projects. The community contributes to the platform's growth by developing and sharing modules, themes, and extensions. This collaborative environment fosters knowledge sharing, troubleshooting assistance, and the exchange of best practices within the DotNetNuke ecosystem.

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