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Laravel development is a PHP web application framework designed to make the process of web development more enjoyable and efficient. Created by Taylor Otwell, Laravel follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern and provides expressive syntax, robust features, and tools for tasks ranging from routing and sessions to caching and authentication. At its core, Laravel aims to simplify common tasks in web development, allowing developers to focus on the unique aspects of their projects rather than getting bogged down by repetitive coding. One of the key features that sets Laravel apart is its elegant syntax, which makes code writing and reading a more pleasant experience.

The framework offers a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager called Composer, making it easy to add functionalities to applications. Laravel also comes with its own ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) called Eloquent, which simplifies database operations by allowing developers to interact with databases using a more intuitive and expressive syntax. Routing is a crucial aspect of web development, and Laravel provides a clean and simple way to define routes. This allows developers to create a logical structure for their applications and map URLs to corresponding controllers. With Laravel's expressive and concise routing, building RESTful APIs becomes a streamlined process.

Laravel Development services including

Development of Laravel custom websites.

Customization and Integration of Laravel Websites.

Developing Laravel Application.

Creation of Laravel e-commerce sites.

Designing Laravel templates and

Data Migration – Laravel.


Why Choose Laravel Development

Choosing Laravel for web development can be a strategic decision with numerous advantages, making it a preferred framework for many developers and businesses. Let's explore some compelling reasons to choose Laravel development:

How Laravel Development Works

Laravel development follows a structured and systematic approach, leveraging the features and tools provided by the Laravel framework. Let's explore how Laravel development works step by step:


Setting Up Laravel

The first step in Laravel development is setting up the development environment. Laravel projects are typically created using Composer, a dependency manager for PHP.

Developers use Composer to install Laravel and its dependencies. Once installed, the Laravel project structure is established, containing directories for models, views, controllers, and other essential components.


Laravel uses a powerful routing system to define how the application responds to incoming requests. Developers define routes in the routes/web.php or routes/api.php file. Routes determine which controllers and methods should handle specific HTTP requests. This separation of routing from controllers contributes to a clean and organized codebase.




Controllers handle the logic behind specific routes. They receive requests, process data, and return responses. Controllers are stored in the app/Http/Controllers directory.

Developers can create controllers using Artisan commands or manually. Controller methods correspond to different actions or endpoints, helping to organize the application's functionality.

Views and Blade Templating Engine

Views represent the user interface of the application. Laravel uses the Blade templating engine to create dynamic and reusable views.

Blade templates allow developers to embed PHP code within their views in a clean and expressive way. Views are stored in the resources/views directory.



Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Laravel follows the MVC architectural pattern, which promotes a clear separation of concerns. Models represent the data and business logic of the application, views handle the presentation layer, and controllers manage the flow of data between models and views. This separation enhances code organization, maintainability, and scalability.

Eloquent ORM and Database Interaction

Eloquent, Laravel's Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system, simplifies database interactions. Models in Laravel are associated with database tables, and Eloquent provides an expressive syntax for querying and manipulating data. Developers can use Eloquent to perform database operations without writing raw SQL queries.



Database Migrations

Laravel includes a migration system for version-controlling database schemas. Migrations allow developers to define changes to the database structure over time.

Artisan commands facilitate the creation and execution of migrations, making it easy to manage and share database changes across different environments.


Middleware in Laravel provides a mechanism to filter HTTP requests entering the application. Middleware can perform tasks such as authentication, logging, and modifying incoming requests before they reach the controller. Laravel includes several built-in middleware, and developers can create custom middleware to suit their application's needs.



Authentication and Authorization

Laravel simplifies user authentication with its built-in authentication system. Developers can use Artisan commands to scaffold basic login and registration functionality. Additionally, Laravel provides features for user authorization, allowing developers to define access control rules and permissions.

Artisan Commands

Laravel's Artisan command-line tool provides a range of helpful commands for various tasks, including database migrations, model creation, and custom command creation. Artisan commands enhance developer productivity by automating repetitive tasks and facilitating code generation.




Laravel encourages the use of PHPUnit for testing applications. Developers can write unit tests, feature tests, and browser tests to ensure the reliability and correctness of their code.

Laravel's testing tools and assertions simplify the testing process and support the practice of test-driven development (TDD).

FAQ's About Laravel Development

Laravel is a PHP web application framework designed for building modern, scalable, and maintainable web applications. You should choose Laravel for its elegant syntax, robust features, and tools that simplify common web development tasks. With features like Eloquent ORM, Blade templating engine, and a strong focus on developer-friendly syntax, Laravel enhances productivity and code readability, making it an excellent choice for web development projects.
Eloquent ORM in Laravel is an implementation of the active record pattern, simplifying database interactions. Eloquent models represent database tables, and developers can perform database operations using expressive syntax. Eloquent includes features such as relationships, mutators, and query scopes, making it a powerful tool for working with databases. It automates tasks like inserting, updating, and querying records, allowing developers to interact with databases using PHP code rather than raw SQL queries.
Blade is Laravel's templating engine, providing a lightweight yet powerful syntax for writing views. Blade templates allow developers to embed PHP code in a clean and expressive way, making it easier to create dynamic and reusable views. Blade includes features like template inheritance, sections, and directives, enhancing code organisation and maintainability. It separates the application's logic from its presentation, contributing to a more structured and readable codebase.
Laravel simplifies user authentication with its built-in authentication system. Developers can use Artisan commands to scaffold basic login and registration functionality. The authentication system includes features for password reset, email verification, and customizable user authentication guards. Additionally, Laravel provides middleware for role-based access control, allowing developers to define access rules based on user roles.
Artisan is Laravel's command-line tool that provides a range of commands for various development tasks. Developers can use Artisan to generate controllers, models, migrations, and more, reducing repetitive tasks. Artisan also includes a command scheduler for automating tasks at specified intervals. Custom commands can be created to streamline specific project requirements, contributing to a more efficient and organised development workflow.

10 Unknown Facts About Laravel Development

Eloquent ORM Timestamps

By default, Eloquent will automatically update the created_at and updated_at columns in the database when creating or updating records.

Implicit Model Binding

By type-hinting the model in the method signature, Laravel resolves the instance based on the route parameter, reducing the need for explicit retrieval in controllers.

Task Scheduling with Cron

Developers can define scheduled tasks in the App\Console class, and Laravel's integration with Cron ensures that these tasks are executed at specified intervals without external configuration.

Eloquent Collections

Eloquent Collections in Laravel are powerful and often underutilised. Developers can perform complex operations on result sets without resorting to additional loops or iterations.

Database Aggregates

While common aggregates like count, sum, and avg are well-known, Laravel also provides methods for min, max, and other aggregates, empowering developers to retrieve aggregated data efficiently.

Macroable Traits

This feature enables the addition of custom methods to existing classes at runtime, providing a flexible way to enhance and customise Laravel's functionality without modifying the core code.

Database Queue Connection

Laravel's queue system supports multiple connections, including a database queue connection. This allows developers to store queued jobs directly in the database, facilitating job persistence and easy inspection. It's a useful feature for managing and monitoring background tasks in applications.

Dynamic Subdomain Routing

Laravel supports dynamic subdomain routing, enabling developers to create applications that respond differently based on subdomains. This can be useful for multi-tenancy or creating distinct sections of an application for different purposes while maintaining a clean and organised codebase.

Implicit Route Model Binding for Polymorphic Relationships

Laravel's implicit route model binding extends to polymorphic relationships, allowing developers to easily bind and retrieve models that belong to various parent models. This can simplify complex relationships in applications without sacrificing the clarity of the code.

Resourceful Routing Shortcut

Laravel provides a resourceful routing shortcut with the resource method. While this method is commonly used to define RESTful routes for controllers, it also generates named routes for convenient reference. This can save developers time and improve the readability of route definitions in applications.

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